After a decade and a half between albums, Shania Twain has announced a release date for her new record. The project, called Shania Now, will be released on September 29th, while the debut single, "Life's About To Get Good," heads to radio today (Thursday, June 15th).The superstar revealed the project’s title, cover image and release date yesterday (Wednesday, June 14th) via social media.

"Life's About To Get Good" has Shania's signature catchy melody, but the lyrics are a snapshot of the heartbreak she experienced during the breakup of her long marriage to Mutt Lange and the betrayal of her best friend who she learned was having an affair with Mutt.

Shania tells us the new music is identifiable as hers, but she's injected a lot more of her personal self into it. ["This is my life now, and that is, I guess, the difference, so this song is very true to my life and my story and my thinking at the time of, you know, the very first lyric — 'I wasn't just broken I was shattered' — like this just doesn't get any worse in my mind and emotionally, but then the chorus is really catchy and there's the irony of all these happy, cheerful voices in there, and I think it's just a more complete picture of me as an artist. It's a more complete picture. There's an extra element there that is deeper into my story, my personal story but it's still the same songwriter stylistically. I might have to say the album is very diverse from one song to the next but it's still very me, I think. I do think it will be identifiable as the Shania that everybody already knows, but there is more truth that has now come into my songwriting."] SOUNDCUE (1:02 OC: . . . into my songwriting.)

Shania performs "Life's About To Get Good" as well as some of her hits during tomorrow morning's (Friday, June 16th) Today show Summer Concert Series on NBC.

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