Today, Scotty McCreery releases Seasons Change, his first album in five years. As co-writer on every song, Scotty says the ideas came from firsthand experience, ranging from stories about his best friends, to his relationship with his fiancé. He's been writing a lot over the last few years, but for the album, he had to narrow it down to eleven tracks. Scotty tells us more: “I think that was one of the tougher things about this project was that there were a lot of materials to choose from. And we had eleven songs, that was our max. So we had to whittle it down to just eleven, but really what we had to figure out was what the message of this alum would be and how we wanted it to sound. This album is a very optimistic album. And it's a feel good album; I was in a good mood writing it. I wrote a lot of song when I was between labels and between management teams. A lot of turmoil, a lot of transition, I didn't know what was going on, so I wrote some sad, depressing songs too that I still have in my back pocket that I hadn't put on this record, but they just didn't fit. I’m feeling great right now, so a depressing song just doesn't make sense.”

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