Keith Urban performed a short set for Spotify fans in Nashville on Monday (April 23rd) night where he surprised the crowd with a special guest — his wife, Nicole Kidman. Keith asked Nicole to join him on stage while he serenaded her with “Parallel Line,” a song on his upcoming Graffiti U album which was co-written by Ed Sheeran.

Nicole is obviously a fan of her husband's music, but Keith is pretty dependent on Nicole when it comes to choosing songs for his albums. In fact, Keith tells us exclusively that she is his litmus test for any new song, but not in the way you may think. “What I find interesting and most helpful to me is playing a song for her and I learn more from how I feel sitting next to her playing that song. I learn more about whether I really believe the song even before she's reacted or responded to it. That actually tells me a lot about whether it's authentic to me or not and do I feel confident about this thing I've just made musically and what I've said and everything else. I've played a song for her sometimes and she's gone, 'Oh, I love that,' and I've thought, 'Ooph, I did not like the way I felt sitting here playing that for you.' Doesn't mean I'll scrap the song but it means I have to ask myself, 'Why? Why did I not feel good about it?' It's a good test on a lot of levels.” .

He's climbing the charts with “Coming Home,” featuring pop artist Julia Michaels.

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