After winning ACM Entertainer of the Year at Sunday night's ACM Awards, Jason Aldean answered questions backstage about his big win as well as being a proud father. He talked about what it's like raising a boy after already having 2 young daughters. “I'm figuring it out ya know, I thought 2 daughters…I thought I was done. Ya know Memphis came along, it's been really cool. And it's been really cool. I've said this a lot too, but He was born 2 months to a day after the shooting happened here. Ya know he was a blessing obviously for a lot of reasons, but really for allowing us to focus our attention on something else, not think about this all the time. We got him to keep us busy and it's been, he's been great. I'm ready for him to get old enough that I can start teaching him about baseball. That’s the only thing. He's only 4 months old, so I got a little while to go.”

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