Chris Stapleton’s latest album, From A Room: Volume 1, is holding the top spot as the best-selling country album of 2017 so far. The collection has sold around 500,000 copies, while his 2015 debut album Traveller, which was recently certified double-platinum for selling more than two million copies, is the second-best selling album of the year.

Chris tells us he really enjoys all of the songs on the album, which in his opinion have stood the test of time. “I like all of those songs, and a lot of the songs that I feel like are better songs of mine have never been cut and have never been recorded and things that I like. I heard Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top, I read an interview with him one time where he said he always tried to make music that he would want to listen to, and I think that is the best kind of litmus test for what you want to record or make, and I’m a fan of albums too, so I always like things that work together in a pod. If you write a song and you still like it 10 years after the day you wrote it, it’s real easy to like a song the day you wrote it. Everybody can think they’re a genius on the day they write a song. If you can write a song and then listen to it 10 years away from writing it and go, ‘You know, that’s a pretty good song. I like that song,’ then that’s a pretty good indication that it’s probably okay.” .

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